Planetary Do-Over

“I had an unbelievable head of red hair — wavy, long, lush — down to my waist. I was a scientist. While studying my data, a sudden chill of alarm swept through my body. I dashed out the door down to the irrigation ditch to discover in horror that all life was dead. The fields were barren as far as the eye could see. No crops grew. The bit of water in the ditch floated dead fish. The stillness frightened me. No fauna or flora. Death was everywhere. My experiment had gone terribly wrong.” Read more…

Canadian West Coast Intrigue

Something in the sky was moving.
Looking up, I could see airplanes
and some kind of equipment
being transported through the atmosphere.
I rubbed my eyes. Can this be real?
I became afraid. What is going on? Read more…

The Journey Begins

Good company in a rabbit hole makes the way seem short, so thanks for joining me! I recently posted  comments on various websites and platforms belonging to other people. But I only could leave short comments. Finally, I decided it was time to find my own platform and publish my own think pieces. Because I have quite an overactive mind. Up until about 2005 I was never interested in politics. But I had been dating an interesting new man for several years and an election was coming up. He wanted to make sure I’d get out and vote, so he attempted to bring me up to speed. Read more…

More to come!


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